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Hospital Information System

It is the objective of MIMSYS HIS developed by MIMSYS Technologies Pvt. Ltd to create a unique value proposition through the deployment of leading-edge technologies and applications in hospitals that will enable and facilitate a superior services experience for Hospital Clients.

The main objectives of MIMSYS HIS are:

  • Streamline the daily activities of patient care
  • Support Multi–Clinic on line data processing system
  • Improve productivity and help in increasing the efficiency of the care providers
  • Support cost control and budgeting to improve the overall performance of the hospital, clinics, labs etc through extensive MIS reporting
  • Generate accurate and comprehensive statistical information
  • Generate comprehensive analytical queries and reports to help the management with decision making
  • Maintain medical and administrative information related to patient visits both as outpatients and inpatients
  • To make patient services efficient.

General & Operational Features of MIMSYS

MIMSYS is a real-time, on-line integrated information management system for clinics and hospitals, addressing all critical areas of a typical healthcare setup.

It is modular and flexible. The various modules are fully integrated.

While computerizing the various functions ranging from patient registration to clinical services, it provides immediate access to clinical and administrative data, streamlines the scheduling and management of clinic visits and admissions, improves the dispensing of medications, facilitates management of Laboratory and Radiology functions and more.

The system allows implementation in a phased manner, with flexibility for the users and the management of the Hospital/Clinic to decide and prioritize the sequence of modules to be implemented. However, when used for various aspects of Hospital/Clinic management, it forms a single robust and integrated environment offering powerful, immediate data access across the database. For example, the laboratory investigation results are accessible from a ward terminal, the pharmacy department are able to obtain patient allergy reactions, and the nursing department are be able to access laboratory reports, and so on.

The overall system is extensively parameterized thus allowing greater flexibility in terms of operating and managing the entire application vis-à-vis the overall Hospital/Clinic procedures. In addition, the system also provides module level parameters to tune the behavior of the module in accordance to the department level procedures/rules.

The system extensively provides for maintenance and usage of codes wherever possible. Where applicable, the system supports configuration for using international standard codes. The system provides for quick look-up facility for searching the required code based on flexible criteria and it is also easy to select the required code.

The Patient is the focal point of the entire system. The system maintains comprehensive details about the patient – demographic details, visit details across different episodes both as outpatients and inpatients, etc. Each patient is identifiable by a unique patient Number, the format and structure of which is user-definable.

A patient’s encounter with the hospital could be either as an inpatient, day care or an outpatient sub-classified as a normal outpatient/inpatient or accident and emergency patient. Each visit is identifiable by a unique reference number along with the Hospital/Clinic where it occurred. The services provided to the patient whether clinical care (laboratory tests, X-ray investigations, pharmacy prescriptions etc.) or supportive in nature (allocation or transfer of bed, type of meal, etc.) are associated with respective unique visit reference number.

List of General Features of the system

  • World Class Architecture
  • Modular and Integrated
  • Tuned to the international standards
  • Flexible Design
  • Phased Implementation
  • MIS Reporting Capabilities
  • Ease of Customization
  • Maintainability
  • Web-enabled applications
  • System built to match your work flow
  • Compatible with international standards such as HL 7, ICD & CPT codes
  • Easily integrates with a host of systems
  • Access anytime from anywhere

List of Operational Features of the system

  • Graphical User Interface
  • Ad-hoc Queries
  • User-definable codes
  • On-line search capabilities for Entry Codes
  • User Profile Driven Function Menus
  • Ease-of-use
  • Customizable Messages
  • System-wide standard user interface
  • Switching between Functions
  • Parameterized Reporting
  • Hard Copy Outputs
  • Free-format Text Entry
  • Automation of Data Capture

These fine hospitals trust us...

  1. Augusta Victoria Hospital , Jeursalam
  2. AAK Hospitals, Durban, South Africa
  3. Belhoul Speciality Hospital, Dubai
  4. Candian Specilist Hospital, Dubai
  5. Ajman Specilist Hospital, Govt. Hospital
  6. Saudi German Hospital, Dubai
  7. Nerospinal Hospital, Dubai
  8. Gulf Health Internationl Groups
  9. Belhoul European Hospital
  10. GDC Hospital
  11. Lifeline Hospital, Abu dhabi
  12. Binomer Hospital, Abu dhabi
  13. MSR Memorial Hospital, Bangalore
  14. MSR Teaching Hospital, Bangalore
  15. Bangalore Baptist Hospital, Bangalore
  16. Cheittnad Speciality Hospital, Chennai
  17. Cheittnad Teaching Hospital, Chennai
  18. Baby Memorial Hospital, Calicut
  19. Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad
  20. Al Emadi Hospital, Qatar
  21. Doha clinic and Hospital, Qatar
  22. ... and more
Sage ERP Solutions

MIMSys offers business access products such as HR and Payroll and asset management built on SAGE ACCPAC ERP SDK. MIMSys is also a SAGE CRM Development Partner and offers very innovative product on the SAGE CRM Platform.

MIMSys also offers visually appealing apps on handheld devices.


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