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MIMSYS HRMS built on Sage 300 ERP SDK offers the complete HR cycle from Position definition to Position budget control along with requirement management including application data bank. The system also offers recruitment management cycle and employee training.

MIMSYS Payroll goes beyond the core payroll activity of administrating employee salaries in the organizations and integration with SAGE ERP 300 finance modules in the same unified database.

Key Features

  • Extensive configuration settings.
  • Built on World Class Sage 300 ERP platform.
  • Robust security based on international standards.
  • Multi-tier and scalable architecture.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server & Oracle.
  • System wide alerts.
  • SMS interface and e mail configuration.
  • Up to date financial data at any time.
  • User Friendly Interface reduces training costs.
  • Position Budgeting and Control System.
  • Recruitment Management System.
  • Attendance and Leave Tracking.
  • Compensation and Payroll Management.
  • Passport and Visa Tracking.
  • Employee Performance Evaluation.
  • Shift Management and Roster scheduling.
  • Attendance Time Sheet.
  • Payroll Time Sheet.
  • Integration with Time Attendance System (Biometric, Card Swipe, punch card etc).
  • Document Expiry Management.
  • Expense Management.
  • Performance Management for Employee Appraisal to include General Review and Payroll Review.
  • Payroll Budgeting.
  • Multicurrency.
  • Group wise processing.
Employees Master Index

Employees Master Index has the facility to capture extensive Employee Information like Basic Information, Qualifications, Previous Employment, Work Experience, Family Details, Nominations, Appraisal Information, Skill Sets, Career History, Photographs, etc. Streamlines HR record keeping (Personnel info) and facilitates quick and easy access to personnel information. Saves time and paper work.

Position Budget and Control

Position request definition is made possible through this module for opening, new and replacement positions creating a comprehensive and accurate vacancy framework and allows recruiters to input appointment type, primary skill, grade, step, security, gender, experience, age and license requirements if any for the position.

Structured additional information relevant to position can be load through well defined template that captures secondary skills, education, languages, justification and responsibility.

This helps recruiters to identify the right candidates for the job through a well-structured vacancy and information such as current positions for a designation along with vacant, requested, assigned and total positions can be viewed at the time of new position request as position definition is mandatory for all requirement requisitions.

The position desktop allows recruiters to view vital information such as positions budgeted, new vacancies, replacement vacancies and occupied positions at the organizational level with a drill down to departments, sub departments to the employees in occupied positions.

Recruitment Management

In order to move application to the interview step based on various criteria they need to be screened, reviewed and selected or rejected, screening to identify the best-fit candidates and short listing them is important to focus on the right people for the position, using the talent matching feature you can automatically finds applicants from your application databank that fit the position.

In the requisition module different types of questions for each position are configured and the same are attached to enable scoring questions using multiple templates to evaluate the level of skills & experience for a candidate for four rounds with multiple round type under each round which automates the screening and selection process. Key Features include Interview Panel, Schedule Management, Application Screening & Short-listing and Interview Evaluation Desktop.

Multiple recruitment teams called interview panels along with chief panelist, line managers in each sub panel and applicants are kept automatically informed through the system online, using communication tools such as SMS, Email and on mobile apps, enabling prompt feedback response and feedback.

The system provides tools that can be used to screen, evaluate, compare, rank or score applicants ensuring that when evaluating the applicants criteria used is in accordance with the parameters defined in the position definition such as educational level, field(s) of study, years of experience and/or additional mandatory licenses or credentials.

The system is tailored to the realities of interviewing applicant's in today's workplace with questions you cannot ask in an interview and evaluating candidates for how well they fit into your organization's strategic priorities and culture enabled through scoring questions using multiple templates in multiple round.

Employee Training Management

The quality of employees and their development through training is a major factor to increase their productivity that would ensure profitability of any organization and hence it is good policy to invest in the development of their skills.

Training not just for new employees only but also ongoing training for current employees helps them adjust to rapidly changing job requirements.

The factors necessary in the training process include organizational objectives, needs assessment, trainees’ selection, training objectives, training methods and mode, means of evaluating, and evaluate the training.


MIMSYS Payroll goes beyond the core payroll activity of administrating employees’ salaries in the organizations and includes vital functionality such as attendance management, comprehensive leave management, employee bonus, gratuity booking, Leave salary & airfare booking, encashment process, end of service benefits and employee final settlement with integration with SAGE ACCPAC Financial Modules - GL, A/R & A/P.

The system offers a 360o Payroll Plus approach that enables capability to automate employees comprehensive loan management, expense travel management along with performance management to evaluate employees based on pre-established criteria and organizational objectives and compute increments and updated to payroll master index after online authorization.

MIMSYS also offers visually appealing apps that deliver the desired functionality with the ability to apply for leaves, loan request, record and send employee travel expenses and for line managers the ability to authorize, hence offering a newfound ability that gives them access in real-time from anywhere.

Attendance Management

Attendance management system is very important in every organization. This module provides an easy way to keep a track of attendance for employees with a facility to view all the leave balances for each employee and helps to generate monthly attendance for all the employees at one shot or process it employee by employee.

The attendance management module confirms the user specifically the employee or group of employee which are entitled for overtime. Monthly attendance can be processed based on the leaves applied by an employee and leave frequency can be configured based on company rules in the leave master which can be either January - December or April - March. It also helps departments to monitor leave records, and all the relevant information including manpower analysis regarding payroll system.

Process attendance

  • Facility to generate monthly attendance for all the employees at one shot or employee by employee.
  • Facility to view all the leave balances for each employee.
  • After processing attendance, facility to enter total OT hours worked by employee
  • After processing attendance for all employees, there is a criterion to search by employee to make necessary changes for any individual employee if required.
  • Monthly attendance will be processed based on the leaves applied by an employee.
  • Leave frequency can be configured based on company rules in the leave master which can be either January - December or April - March.
  • Facility to integrate attendance machines. Validate and process the same for daily or monthly attendance.
  • Configure the attendance processing date, based on that period will be calculated automatically.
Shift Management
Shift Management and Roster scheduling includes:
  • Provisions to define and manage multiple Shifts and maintain Employee Shift information.
  • Have Holidays and Weekly-Off Master (where company holidays list, weekend policy and any shift specific weekly offs are defined and managed).
  • Can create a Shift Schedule for every employee.
Loan management

MIMSYS offers a comprehensive loan module to completely manage all aspects of loans given to employees with facility to create any number of loan types offered to employees like house loans, furniture loans, car loans salary advance etc, to define parameters such as interest, installment amounts and the loans deductions automatically stop after total recovery.

Loan Application

  • Employee can apply loan online.
  • They can apply for required based on the loan type and also record the reason for loan request.
  • Employee can cancel the loan at any point of time before payment.
  • Employee can use mobile apps to apply for a loan.
Salary management

Payroll is defined as a method of administrating employees’ salaries in the organizations. The process consists of calculation of salaries and deductions of the employees, administrating the benefits and disbursements of salaries to employees. The system provides the flexibility of creating salary components, salary formulae and the structure.

The salary management module goes beyond the monthly salary processing and covers the entire gamut of employees’ payables and receivable through comprehensive and structured sub modules.

Employee payments

  • Facility for different type of payments like advance, loan, leave encashment, gratuity, and final settlement and leave salary based on the amounts authorized by line managers.
  • Facility to select mode of payment like cash, cheque, Bank transfer etc and flag for WPS.
  • Facility to specify the month, loan has to be deducted for advance is paid to the employee.
  • After final settlement payment, automatically that employee becomes inactive in the system and further transactions cannot be processed.
  • After leave salary or leave encashment is processed for the employee, his/her leave balance and leave salary balance will be reduced automatically from the system.
Performance managements

The system facilitates performance appraisal based on configurable evaluation criteria that covers both probation and confirmed employees and methods such as objective production, personnel, and judgmental evaluation which can be used with a large variety of evaluation methods.

This important activity could function as providing feedback to employees, discussing and conveying compensation, counseling and developing employees, job status changes, or disciplinary decisions and training requirements.

Performance management module can be used to manage and align all of an organization's resources in order to achieve highest possible performance which in turn determines to a large extent the success or failure of the organization and hence is among the highest priorities of organizations.

  • Facility to configure general evaluation and personal objective evaluation.
  • Facility for multiple evaluations and automatic consolidation.
  • Based on the evaluation the increment due is automatically computed.
  • Once the increment is authorized it is updated to payroll of the employee.
  • Facility for goal setting and desired performance reinforcement.
  • Determination of training needs.

HR and Administration Management
Payroll Plus and Salary Management
Time & Attendance
Shift Management & Rostering
Loan Management
Requirement Management
Recruitment Management
Performance Management
Training Management
Expense Management
Employee Relationship Management/Employee Self Service

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MIMSys offers business access products such as HR and Payroll and asset management built on SAGE ACCPAC ERP SDK. MIMSys is also a SAGE CRM Development Partner and offers very innovative product on the SAGE CRM Platform.

MIMSys also offers visually appealing apps on handheld devices.


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